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What's in the box:

-CR9 Suppressor

-1/2 x 28 direct thread mount

-Cleaning brush

-Carbon Research engraved hardcase with foam lining

CR9 Multican

  • The CR9  combines the best of Kevlar™, titanium and carbon fiber to create the perfect sound experience with every shot.


    1.3 inch Diameter

    8 inch Length

    6.5 oz

    Up to 36 decibel reduction


    Full auto rated for 9mm

    Rated for:

    .300 Blk Sub and Supersonic

    9mm Sub and Supersonic

    .22 Short, Long, Mag

    .17 HMR


  • Due to NFA regulations, all CR suppressors must be transfered through a class 3 FFL (SOT) and will not be sent to you directly. Please include the shops' Name and address when you check out.

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