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About Us

People with a passion for Carbon Fiber, Precision, and Performance.

We Understand Carbon

After 6 years of research and development, we have fine-tuned our suppressors to outperform and out last all others on the market. Our carbon fiber suppressors complete with integrated titanium and Kevlar™ combine to create the perfect balance of light weight and dependability for any application. 


Our devices are light. Very light. So light you will not notice a difference in the weight of your firearm. Our CR22 weighs in at 2.3 Oz, while our heaviest suppressor the CR30 weighs only 9.8 Oz. 

Heat Dissipation

Carbon fiber is a super-conductor, combined with its light weight and low mass they do not retain heat the same as an alloy suppressor. Improved heat dissipation has many benefits; reduced mirage in precision optics and ease of handling when stowing firearms.

Tone Improvement

Think of the difference between a bamboo wind chime, and a metal one. Our suppressors are fibrous similar to the bamboo. The difference in tone is audibly distinct generating a thud instead of  a metallic ping. 

See us in action

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